Hair Transplant: Some Myths and Facts

Hair Transplant: Some Myths and Facts

So we all know now that you can get the hair you lost at the front and the crown area.

No need to say it but, if you have been researching where to do it, by now you probably know 1000s have gone to Turkey to get hair transplant Turkey. Not only that, but men can have fuller beards, anyone can have fuller looking eyebrows and lashes too!

Myth #1: Having a hair transplant procedure hurts a lot

Fact #1:  Thanks to the improvements made in the cosmetic world, this procedure is done under local anaesthesia, therefore it isn’t painful at all! When the local anaesthesia goes, it is normal to “feel” something because you did have a procedure done. But the trichologist will give pain killers, so the post-op part won’t be too bad.

Myth #2: End Result Looks Fake

Fact #2: Of course there are many out there that may not be the best at what they do. But thankfully in this day and age, we can do research till we are satisfied. The right surgeon will ask what you think of your new hairline before even starting the whole thing, so you can say you don’t like the hairline etc.. Once the operation starts, the position and angle of your hair will be checked carefully and the follicles will be put in a way that will give you the natural look.

Myth #3: You will see the end result straight away

Fact #3: Sadly no.The hair that is implanted needs to grow. 3 weeks later is falls off(normal). Don’t be scared though! Because the root is inside, it will grow. But roots normally can take up to 5 months to grow. After that you need to be a bit more patient because you may need to wait up to 12 months for the definite growth. So, please be patient and acknowledge that the transplanted hair also goes through 3 development episodes.

Myth #4: Only men get it done

Fact #4: Predominantly, people thought that men only could get bald. However, women can also get bald. Because of this, women have also shown interest in getting hair transplants. Because it works the same with them too.

Myth #5: Hair Transplant is expensive

Fact #5: For some countries this is true. However, because in some countries the cost of living and rent etc. are affordable, so are the operations! Like hair transplant. In the last 10 years Turkey has been “the place” to go for hair transplant procedures. Many men and women have come and had the operation done and in about a year have smiles on their faces because this investment they’ve done for themselves proved to be the right one and also the results, if they follow the instructions of their trichologist, is forever.

Myth #6: The scars are very obvious

Fact #6: In the old times, because the technique was different, there were scars. Many people had scars in the shape of lines. But because of the advancement in this particular operation, they have found ways to prevent that from happening. Now patients have tiny scars that get covered with hair.

Myth #7: Old people can’t get it done

Fact #7: Hair transplant and old age have no relationship. If the patient has a good donor area and has hair loss, he/ she can have this operation. Of course, the patient himself/ herself needs to be healthy.

Myth #8: It causes harm to the brain

Fact #8: During the procedure, no one that does the operation goes anywhere near the brain. The trichologist only touches the skin of the scalp and doesn’t go underneath the skull. Therefore, the brain can’t be affected.

To summarize:

If you want your hair back, this operation is an ideal choice. However, patients need to do proper research before getting anything done.

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